As we approach our 39th Anniversary service on Sunday, November 19th, the Westheights Church Board has the following message for Westheights Church.

Dear Westheights:

As we approach the end of 2017, we look back on a year of changes. We have celebrated the Lesters and their 16 years of ministry among us, we have welcomed Pastor Bill Johnston into his role as our interim senior pastor and now we’re looking ahead in anticipation of what God has in store for us.

As a leadership team, we are truly grateful for what God has already done in our congregation to prepare for this time. We have an amazing staff team who continue minister so effectively to so many. We have a welcoming facility that provides us room to grow in the coming years. And, most encouragingly, we are a strong and committed community of believers who are ready to pursue the next opportunity.

We can see the impact that Westheights is making in many ways. We can see it in the transformation that happens in the lives of children and students through the amazing team of dedicated staff and volunteers. We see it in the House Church ministries and in service projects that impact our church family and our neighbourhood. We see it in our own lives as worship services equip and challenge us to live out our faith every day.

Our ministry to children & students & adults is only possible because of your generosity to our church. As treasurer, I greatly appreciate your consistent financial support to the ministry of Westheights on a week by week basis and over 2017. Your gifts allow us to continue to bless the people of our church and our community, and reduce the remaining mortgage from our Greater Things building renovation.

Looking ahead, there are many possibilities, and we know that as a community we will continue to help people find and follow Jesus. Your consistent gifts of time, talents and tithes make all the difference for our church as they equip us to be able to pursue the vision that God has given this church to fulfill at this time and place in history — to help people find and follow Jesus.

If you are able, our Anniversary offering will be a time to give a special offering to help us fulfill our vision and to continue paying down our mortgage. Rapidly paying off our remaining mortgage will free us up to pursue new opportunities. I am confident that you will prayerfully consider your participation and follow God’s leading in this matter. It is not the amount of your contribution that is significant, but what is in your heart. Even the smallest gift when given out of faith pleases God. Remember the story of the boy with two fish and five loaves. He gave what he had to Jesus, and Jesus multiplied it and fed 5000 people. Give what you can and trust God to multiply it.

We will celebrate our Anniversary on Sunday, November 19th. Let’s join together and celebrate God’s faithfulness and look to the future of what God is going to do.

Again, thank you for your gracious gifts of service, kindness and generosity. It is a wonderful privilege serving with all of you.

David Wigg, On behalf of the Westheights Church Board