Christmas…bustling activity, searching for that perfect gift, endless parties, and then…bills to pay and pounds to lose. Sometimes, despite our best efforts, we miss the message!

Let’s take a different path. Celebrating the Advent season is significant. For centuries the Christian church has prepared for and reflected upon the meaning of this beautiful season. The 2017 Advent vision is that across Be in Christ Church of Canada, from the rural prairie home in Saskatchewan, to the downtown Toronto apartment, to the Jelly Bean homes of St. John’s, Newfoundland, or on the highway to heaven in Richmond, BC (the most religiously diverse community in Canada), individuals and families will worship together as one body of faith. The “Be in Christ” Advent Devotional is designed to unwrap the good news of Christ as our Lord and Saviour this Christmas season.

The devotionals cover three weeks, beginning December 3, plus December 24 and 25. Each meditation focuses on scripture, thinking, acting and praying. A suggested weekly carol is also included. The selections are short and focused. Families and individuals are encouraged to select a standard, convenient time and to use the bible passages and meditations to enhance Christmas preparations. Families with younger children may wish to add additional guided conversations, visuals and crafts to enhance their experience. This year, as part of our Advent celebrations, Be in Christ Church of Canada is encouraging individuals and families to look towards making a Jesus gift part of our celebrations. Projects around the world, and community needs, are all part of the Be in Christ Church of Canada call to make this Christmas a celebration, not only about God’s gift to us, but about our gifts to God and to the projects close to His heart.

To you and your family, may it be a blessed Christmas where Christ is prominent.

Doug Sider
Executive Director,  Be in Christ Church of Canada

NOTE: Advent Devotionals will be available in your Westheights Church mail file in time for Advent or, if you’re too excited to wait, online by clicking here. And if you pay close attention, you’ll recognize a couple of familiar names in the list of authors!