Exciting Update From Doug Sider and Todd Lester about new leadership at Camp Kahquah.


From Doug Sider

I am so grateful for the work that Graeme and Caitlin Hogg have done for Camp Kahquah. Together they established a new and healthy atmosphere for the camp. Under their leadership we saw year over year growth in our kids and family camp numbers. For this we are grateful.

Todd Lester is now serving as the denominational Director of Ministry Development and Operations. In this role he is working with Camp Kahquah providing the necessary oversight and direction.

I appreciate the prayers that you have offered for both Camp Kahquah and leadership as it has worked to facilitate ministry through Kahquah. I encourage you to continue to pray for both Camp Kahquah and its leadership in the days ahead.

Doug Sider
Executive Director, Be In Christ Church of Canada


From Todd Lester

Throughout its history, Camp Kahquah has been blessed by the spirit of volunteerism and the hard work of so many people. As I visited camp this past summer, I was once again impressed by the many students and adults who were willingly and positively serving the mission of camp. Among those leading the charge were Graeme and Caitlin Hogg. Graeme and Caitlin have served camp as the interim co-Executive Directors and have done an amazing job over the last two years. I am very grateful for their effort and sacrifice as they have lead camp through an transitional time. We all have been blessed by their willingness to serve camp while we have searched for a new leadership team for Kahquah.

Today, I am writing to you with exciting news that we have found a new Executive Director team for Camp Kahquah. Ryan and Amy Terpstra have agreed to accept the role beginning February 15, 2018.

Ryan is a licensed electrician and currently manages a crew of 10-12 electricians for Jones Electric in Kitchener. He also has a degree (B.Th) in church leadership from Emmanuel Bible College and has served as the Director of Facilities for Westheights Church for the last ten years. Amy also graduated with a degree (BRE) from Emmanuel and has also served in many roles at Westheights, including a staff role as youth director. Amy has been attending camp most of her life and Ryan and Amy have been regulars at Family Camp. Amy has served as a counsellor, program director, and kitchen staff. Ryan has volunteered at many work weekends and work projects.

I have worked with both Amy and Ryan extensively over the years and can affirm they are hardworking, conscientious and highly responsible people and they will be a wonderful blessing to camp. Both of them will apply their many skills to the leadership of camp. The Terpstras will continue to live in the Kitchener area and be onsite during the summer camping season.

As we now move forward with the leadership of camp, I would ask you to pray for the camp and the Terpstras as we face significant challenges in the management of the resources. Ryan and Amy have a vision for the ministry potential of camp but they also understand the significant challenges facing camp. Considering the challenges of making camp a sustainable ministry of the BIC, we consider 2018 to be a ‘feasibility’ phase.

During the feasibility phase we want to talk with as many people as possible and research the industry to ensure that camp is a viable ministry beyond 2018. The Terpstras understand that, for camp to be viable beyond 2018, it is imperative that camp begin to operate on a balanced budget. To operate on a balanced budget will require a generous donor base be established so that camp can be an affordable option available to all who would like to attend. Our year-end losses were minimal in 2017 but it is only due to some mitigating circumstances that will not repeat in 2018. As a church, we cannot afford to have ongoing steep financial losses at camp. We believe that God is at work through camp and it is worth working hard to preserve the ministry. Let us pray together and consider our role in the future of Camp Kahquah.

The Terpstras fully understand the challenges and the strategic phase that camp finds itself in and still feel called to the challenge. Let’s all pray for them and for great success during 2018 so that we can then look to the long-term future of camp.

Todd Lester
Director of Ministry Development and Operations, Be In Christ Church of Canada