During the winter months, we may have need to cancel our Sunday morning worship service due to severe weather. In one memorable winter, this happened twice! We hope it does not happen this winter. However, in the event of severe weather, we will keep you informed in several ways. The decision regarding whether to cancel the service will be made by 8:00 am on that Sunday morning. If the service is cancelled, that information will then be posted as follows:

  1. Westheights Blog (westheights.org) – This is the best place to check. A post on our blog will be created as soon as a decision is made.
  2. Westheights Phone (519-741-1986) – If the service is cancelled, the main greeting on our church phone answering service will give this information.
  3. Email – If you are on our email list and currently receive our Thursday Westheights Weekly emails, you’ll receive an emailed notification.
  4. Facebook and Twitter.

To see the Farmer’s Almanac long range weather prediction for the KW area, click here. If you’d rather wait to see what the new Wiarton Wee Willie will say on February 2, remember that groundhog prognosticators are only approximately 37% accurate! By the way, we were sad to hear of Wiarton Willie‘s passing on September 20th, but welcome his understudy Wee Willie to the world of prognosticating!