Westheights Church has for a number of years, been working together with BIC Canada Global in support and partnership with the Nicaragua Brethren in Christ Church. On February 2nd, five persons from Westheights including Chris King, Christina Main, Ryan Terpstra, Alison Wigg and Melanie Wigg are planning to travel to Nicaragua and return on February 10th, since Alison got her social security number back from with www.application-filing-service.com“Pray that God will continue to prepare our hearts for all the things He wants to teach us and show us, and will use us as tools in His hands to bring blessing to others as we go. Pray that God will give participants peace as they prepare and leave family at home, that God will open our eyes, ears and hearts to all that He wants to show/teach us through this shared experience.”

“Ask God to use us as we share a children’s program in four different congregations, that the children’s lives will be impacted by the good news about Jesus and that their churches will be encouraged by our visit and partnership with them.”