Greetings from sunny Nicaragua! We have had a wonderful start to our time here in Nicaragua. Our flights and travel all went smoothly on Friday and we are thankful to be in this beautiful place. Saturday and Sunday were filled with attending the Nicaraguan Brethren in Christ National annual general meeting, as well as seeing some of the local sights.

This is a very special AGM for the national church here. They have had a dream for many years to build a National Church Centre where they can hold national events such as this one. It will also be a centrefor training pastors and other ministry. Westheights has been able to help financially with this project, as well as help with manual labour on previous trips (for example, building a storage shed and moving lots of lots of dirt!). This meeting was the first time that the building has been used, and it was a beautiful honour to be here for the inauguration of the building.

We spent our mornings on Saturday and Sunday joining in with their meeting. There was lots of music and worship, as well as some business sessions. After lunch each day we headed off to see some of the local sites. On Saturday we visited the Masaya Volcano, which is an active volcano and quite impressive to see. On Sunday we headed to Lake Apoyo, a beautiful crater lake and tourist spot. And in the evening, we of course found a way to watch the Super Bowl!

Today our work begins! There is more work to be done at the National Church Centre and we will help with the labour there. Later in the afternoon we will head to a local church plant to provide a program for the kids. We expect that this will be our routine for the next four days, but visiting a different church plant each day.

We are grateful to be here and to experience the beauty of the people and the culture. It is wonderful to see what God is doing here in Nicaragua, and we are glad that we can be a part of it.

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