An Update From Ron Shirton, of Wainfleet BIC Church: Today was yet another great day here with the BIC team. Poolside devotions began at 7am, and were followed by breakfast. We arrived at the job site by 8am ready for day two of work. We continued digging and excavating dirt and made great headway as we continue to back fill the building and level the ground in preparation for the addition of dormitories. The president of the Nicaraguan National Church, German Garcia, joined us in our work today at the National Ministry Centre. It was nice to work alongside the local church leaders. The weather was pleasant and warm today, cloud covered and breezy for the better part of the day. The team has enjoyed working together and has stayed happy and healthy.

We were blessed to enjoy wonderful meals by Pastor Fada at the porch setting of sister Zenaida, we were nourished and refreshed over the lunch hour.

After lunch we continued with our work and then continued to the Buenos Aires church for our afternoon of children’s ministry. 24 children participated in the activities today. The kids seemed to enjoy the crafts, games and singing songs. It is nice to share in the lives of our bothers and sisters here in Nicaragua. Children’s ministry is surely an extension of God’s love.

After a long day we came back to a wonderful meal provided by the hotel and went out for ice cream as a team. We returned and are preparing for day 3 of working at the job site tomorrow.

God is good.

Ron Shirton of Wainfleet BIC

If you want to see more photos and updates, go to the Be In Christ Team Nicaragua Facebook page.