This Sunday, February 25th I will be selling an assortment of sweets and treats to support my team on our 2018 Middle Eastern Learning Tour sponsored by MCC called Yella.

Yella means “Let’s go!” in both Arabic and Hebrew. This Middle Eastern experience will provide me with the opportunity to wrestle with multi-faith realities, delve into issues that divide people and explore biblical stories within their context.

I will be going on this trip from May 1-29th and seasoned leaders will guide myself and my peers through the Israel/Palestine region.

There is also a service component to the trip. I will work with a Mennonite mission organization in Nazareth that helps hundreds of tourists each month understand the teachings of Jesus within 1st century Palestine.

As there is a significant cost to this trip we are all responsible to contribute and organize group fundraisers. The proceeds from this bake sale will go directly towards offsetting the costs of the trip for my team and making this experience possible.

If you are interested in purchasing some baked goods to help sponsor this trip I will be in the foyer following the service this Sunday. (Don’t forget to bring some cash!)

God Bless,

Brooklyn Lester