Every Halloween, over 80 people at Westheights band together to gather thousands of pounds of food for hungry people in our neighbourhood. For years, our students have been the backbone of this event, helping with bag distribution, sorting food, and going door-to-door to pick up food on Halloween night. Thanks for your enthusiasm and energy on October 31st!

This year, we ask that our Sr Highs get ready for our pre-Halloween distribution night. Two quick details you need to know to get the most out of this year’s H4H:

  • Halloween for Hunger sign-up is live! Sign up in the foyer on a Sunday or talks to Tom on a Thursday night to make sure you’re on the list.
  • Bag Night will be Thursday, October 25th from 4-6:30 PM. We’ll be walking our neighbourhood handing out bags so that our neighbours are ready for us on Oct 31. FREE PIZZA and hot chocolate after the event. Be sure to dress warmly if it’s a chilly evening.

So start prepping your costume, warming up your walking feet, or practicing your sorting skills — because Halloween for Hunger is just a few short weeks away!