The focus of our sermon series this fall has been on exploring Spiritual Disciplines with the hopes that we might all try something new that will put us in a position to experience God and grow as followers of Jesus. So far we have talked about a lot of different practices and thrown out a lot of ideas for you to try out. (If you want to catch up on any messages you may have missed in this series, click here for the podcasts.) But as we wrap up this series, we want to make space to answer some of the questions you may have about practising Spiritual Disciplines

  • What do you need clarification regarding?
  • Where did you get stuck putting something into practice?
  • Was there something you wished we had talked about more? Or something we left out?
  • What practical help would you appreciate regarding Spiritual Disciplines?
  • After listening to a message, what is something you wrestled with during the week?

Please leave us with your questions and comments in the box below by Sunday, and I will look to include it in the sermon series finale on November 3. 

– Pastor Josh

What questions do you have regarding Spiritual Disciplines?