Happy Friday, Westheights! As we wrap up another week of pandemic “fun,” I want to encourage us to be thinking about how we can pursue our vision to be about loving our neighbours. Let’s admit that this will look very different than some of the plans that we were excited about before this “fun” began. But we know that there are opportunities around us nonetheless. Today I want to encourage you to read on about a couple of new (and timely) initiatives that you can participate in, to encourage and support our neighbours, community and city.


1. A Repackaged Good Neighbours Day

In the past we have had an event in April called Good Neighbours Day that has included a focus on our neighbours at the Forest Heights Long Term Care Centre (FHLTCC). Obviously this year things need to be different but we still think it is important to love our neighbours at FHLTCC. So here are two initiatives that we hope you will join in on.

  • FOR THE STAFF AT FHLTCC: Take a picture (or three) of you and your family holding a sign in support of the staff (and even residents) at FHLTCC. Send your pictures to office@westheights.org by THIS Tuesday, April 21. We will forward these pictures to FHLTCC and they will print them and hang them around their building to encourage their staff.
  • FOR THE RESIDENTS AT FHLTCC: Saturday, April 25th, was the scheduled date of our annual Good Neighbours day, where we planned to spend the morning pampering our neighbours next door at FHLTCC with spa treatments and companionship. Sadly, we won’t be able to be physically present that morning. Instead, we are inviting everyone at Westheights Church to a special time of prayer for FHLTCC and the other senior homes in our city. Join us on Saturday, April 25, at 9:00 a.m. on Zoom as we lift up our neighbours, community and city in prayer.


2. Did you Miss Out?

Every Tuesday afternoon, we release a short video on YouTube. In case you missed it, here is this week’s video. Make sure you stay tuned for the cuteness at the end!


3. Online Devotional Study

This week our online devotional will explore the theme of our sermon on Sunday. We hope that you will join us for both! Click here to join our study that starts this Monday, April 20.


4. Looking for Worship?

A couple of weeks ago we asked you to tell us what your favourite songs are. We received so many song suggestions that we were able to create three weeks of playlists from them! This week’s Spotify and YouTube playlists, based on your choices, are intended to bring us to a place of worship, focusing our attention on a God whose love for us is beyond our comprehension and whose power is greater than our deepest fears.


Finally …

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