Happy Friday, Westheights! In this new world of church gatherings being exclusively virtual, we are beginning to realize that this is an opportunity to reach people who ordinarily wouldn’t dare enter a church building. Indeed, we know that there are people watching us online who we have never met. This is great! And so I want to ask you to consider sharing our online service (and maybe our other posts too) on your social media or directly with friends and family. For those who are spiritually curious, these virtual gatherings can be a non-threatening way to check out our church from the safety (and comfort) of home.


1. A Good Neighbours Day Prayer Meeting – Saturday April 25

For the past seven years, we have had an event in April called Good Neighbours day where we pampered the residents at the Forest Heights Long Term Care Centre (FHLTCC) with spa treatments. We are still doing Good Neighbours Day, but it has been repackaged to include two new endeavours:

  • ENCOURAGE: Earlier this week we already sent over 60 pictures of Westheights folk showing support to FHLTCC with posters and words of encouragement, and they were posted all over the building. One of the FHLTCC staff reported back to us: “They are so beautifully done and you can tell how much work as well as heart each family/person put into each one!”
  • PRAY: Tomorrow, you are invited to a special time of prayer for FHLTCC and the other senior homes in our city. Join us tomorrow at 9:00 a.m. on Zoom as we lift up our neighbours, community and city in prayer.


2. Quarantine Time-Waster of the Week

Did you know that Pastor Josh watched 8 Star Wars movies (many for the first time) over the first 20 days of physical distancing? For some of us this is time well spent. For others of us, this would be considered a waste of time. Whatever side of the Star Wars debate you fall on, we want your time-wasters! Send us a short (less than 15 seconds) video of what you are wasting time doing, and we will include them in a fun way at next Sunday’s YouTube event. Email your short video to joshmutter@westheights.org by Wednesday night (April 29th)!


3. *NEW* Online Devotional Study

This Sunday, April 26, we begin a new devotional series called “Scary Close” by Donald Miller. This study will complement our upcoming sermon series. Click here to join in on the study!


4. Looking for Worship?

A few weeks ago we asked you to tell us what your favourite songs are. This week’s Spotify and YouTube playlists, based on your choices, are to give hope and encouragement to you.


Finally …

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