Hello, Westheights! I am reading through the book of Hebrews right now and am being reminded that because Jesus empathizes with our weaknesses and struggles, we are invited to boldly go to God in our time of need (Hebrews 4:14-16). Indeed, for many of us, this is a season of need – whether it be financial, relational, emotional, physical. In all of this we are invited to go to God to receive what we need, knowing that Jesus is right there with us.


1. Encourage Someone This Week

Last week we emailed out a contact list of people in our church family. The big idea is that this is a tool that can help us be better connected. So consider this a *nudge* to reach out to someone this weekend!


2. Virtual Foyer

This Sunday we are once again having a virtual foyer by using Zoom so that we can see and say ‘hi” to one another after the service.  To join in right after this Sunday’s service, simply click this link. If you aren’t set up with Zoom yet, we recommend that you click on the link and set things up before Sunday.


3. Communion on May 31st

As a part of our Craving Connections teaching series, we will be participating in Communion together in two weeks, on May 31, as we talk about our relationships with one another. In preparation for communion, we are asking that you have a small glass of red juice and a piece of bread (or cracker) with you so that we can eat and drink together. Please have your elements ready for the beginning of the service.


4. Online Devotional Study

On Monday May 25, we will begin a 4 day study called Make Prayer a Habit. Please click here to join in!


5. Looking For Worship Music?

The weather is finally warming up and we’re seeing some light at the end of the COVID tunnel. So this week’s Spotify and YouTube playlists are filled with songs, new and old, that are lively and celebratory.


Finally …

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