Do some stretches to prepare for swimming, dodgeball, hockey and break-dancing…. Get your talents ready to share at the talent show…. Warm up your vocal chords for awesome worship music, karaoke and just generally screaming for joy because we’re going to have so much fun… JR. HIGH RETREAT IS ALMOST HERE!
For more information about the retreat, reminders about what to bring and other details CLICK HERE.

WE STILL NEED SOMEONE WHO CAN HELP US GET STUDENTS HOME ON SUNDAY MORNING! PICK-UP TIME IS 11:30AM IN RICHMOND HILL. Please let us know ASAP if you will be able to drive. We will be more than happy to reimburse you for gas. Email or call 519-741-1986 ext. 805 if you can lend us a hand.

As well, please don’t forget that this Sunday, February 19th there will be NO REGULAR JR. HIGH PROGRAM since most of the leaders will be in Richmond Hill. Students are invited to join in on the Sunday service.

Those of you who are joining us for REVERB… see you at 6pm at Westheights on Friday evening! Everyone else… see you next week!!