A few months ago we started making the sermon notes available for use on a smartphone (thanks to John van Dijk who created the program). I could tell immediately from the feedback that many people appreciated this sermon notes app.

The advantage of taking your sermon notes on your smartphone is that you can now email yourself the completed sermon outline at the conclusion of the service. For many people, especially men, this provides a big advantage. If you have your sermon notes in your email program, and you want to look up something you remember from a sermon from a few weeks ago, you can now just search for it in your email software. However, if you wanted to look up the sermon outline in the bulletin from a few weeks ago, what are the chances you would be able to find the piece of paper? Pretty slim in our house.

In the same way, more people are using their Bible app on their smartphone to follow along with the Bible verses that are on the screen at the front of the auditorium. I find it really amazing that with technology today you can have multiple versions of your Bible in your pocket and access it at any time. The obvious point here is that we truly have no excuse not to read our Bibles. If you have a smartphone, you can pull it out at any time and read any version. Many Bible apps today even have multiple reading plans as part of the software.

I saw this article in USAToday that has some interesting observations about this trend.


I believe the Bible is still the Bible (the Word of God) in whatever format it comes.

Two popular Bible apps for smartphones are YouVersion and Logos.