We teach our kids to say “Thank You”. Thank you for dinner. Thank you to the babysitter. Thank you to the crossing guard on the way to school. We so quickly get caught up in day to day living, we forget that “Manners Matter” and that opportunities to say thank you pass us by and are often missed. You may not know, but it is nearing the end of a very special month. October is known as “Pastor Appreciation Month”. Until now I too have missed an opportunity to say thank you. Are you like me? Well, I wait no longer.

To each one of our Westheights staff team, I would like to shout out a HUGE thank you.

I looked online (Thank goodness for internet dictionaries!) to see what saying thank you really means. The definition I found is “an expression of gratitude”. For many things about our staff at Westheights I am grateful. My family has been attending our church for approximately three years. I can honestly say each of our staff have somehow touched or connected with someone in my family in a special way.

Although many of us only see them once a week for less than a couple hours, the commitment, energy and time they give to our church family is endless. Not only our pastors, but all members of our Westheights staff are owed a huge gratitude for the “going above and beyond” that they do on a daily basis for our congregation and community.

So, to Todd, Tom, Gillian, Char, Melanie and Mimi: I shout from the roof tops and the corner of Westheights Dr. and Queen St. the loudest THANK YOU I can muster. For all you give to me, my family and the rest of the Westheights community, you truly are appreciated beyond words.

On behalf of the Westheights Board, I express deepest gratitude for the leadership you give. Your servant hearts and passion for our God and faith community is contagious. You really do make a difference in our lives. And I can honestly say our church would not be the same without  you. We are blessed to have a team like you…

May I encourage you this coming Sunday or sometime before this month quickly slips away to thank our staff at Westheights and show them how much they are truly appreciated.

Check out this video on YouTube: http://youtu.be/CvPmCaRhDWo