During our Greater Things campaign, we’ve heard from many people, via video and blog articles, about how Westheights has had an impact on them. Following are a few comments from some of our amazing kids!

hand prints“I really like the singing and doing the actions at church. I learn about how God was dead but is now alive again.”  Russell, age 5

“I like crafts and snacks the best. I liked making the pillow the best and I think of resting* whenever I see it. I like when Char leads. I also like when we sing the Kids Club songs.”  Connor, age 7
(* During Greater Things, the children learned about being good stewards of their own time, which includes getting lots of rest. Taking time to rest with Jesus is so important!)

“They talk about God at church. We have to be good stewards of our time and use it well.”  Hudson, age 5

“I like that our class does games. They’re fun and we get to work together. I like being with Steven and Connor. What I like best is learning about other things in church, like Bible stories that Char or Kya and Keira’s mom tell us–because they make it interesting and they make it fun. I feel God when the stories are being told. When I’m not at church, I remember to talk to God when I’m upset or I get hurt.”  Owain, age 8

“I like the great leaders. They’re nice. I like the snacks. I like worshiping to God. I like the crafts, worship time and Bible stories the best because they’re fun. God gives me a great big hug during worship. I feel him at snack time. I love singing to the King. When I’m at home, I help people by doing chores. I talk to God.”  Emma, age 8, Alaina, age 5 and Claire, age 4