Thursday, March 20th, the guys and girls are each doing their own thing! Join your small group for some good old fashioned fun and bonding. Both events are taking place from 6:30-8:30pm at their respective locations. Check out details below.



Meet Adam and Tom at Wild Wing at Ottawa and Fischer-Hallman in Kitchener. Eat wings, talk video games and more! Everyone pays for himself, and you should be able to get 1lb of wings and a drink for approximately $15. Check out the menu here!


Meet Heather, Rhianne and Gillian at the Fenskes’ place. Dress code: COMFORTABLE. Bring: Spa stuff, a snack/dessert to share, and something you love that you’d love to share (costing no more than $5, no food please) for our FAVOURITE THINGS swap! Everyone bring one item, everyone goes home with one item. Also, pizza!

(edit 2022: For privacy purposes, edits were made to the post)