It’s been tougher to take photos than we expected as we don’t have the requisite hard hats and work-boots so we are relying on the cooperation and kindness of the construction guys to take photos for us, or sneaking in a few surreptitious photographs from exterior doorways or windows.

The highlights of the past week have been:

  • Tearing down the separator walls around the basement washrooms
  • Gutting the basement washrooms and doing a full shower, gutter and shower head review of the changing rooms
  • Tearing down the back stairwell
  • Ripping up the parking lot for storm-water management improvements
  • Bricking up one of the sanctuary windows
  • Joining two of the basement classrooms into one larger class
  • Removing our cherished cherry blossom tree in preparation for our exterior expansion of the foyer
  • Electrical and hydro preparation
  • And much more …I can barey express how I feel about getting the best shower heads of our lives installed, it’s a guilty-pleasure dream come true.

You’ll see from the photos that we have faithful John, on-site every single day and ensuring that all goes according to plan. Even on rainy days he remained on guard! In other related promotions, if you need reputable window replacement company, checkout this reference site.