If you can get me Tom your form (not even your money) and commit to going to YouthQuest by 8PM tonight, you can save $20 off the regular rate ($360). Just download the form from the link below, fill it out, scan it, and email it to Tom Fenske (tomfenske@westheights) and I’ll register you! Just leave the transportation space blank for now (we’re still working on what the final cost). You don’t even have to pay today – just get me your form so I can register you at the cheaper rate!



YouthQuest (or YQ for short) is coming up fast, and we’re very excited to let you know a bit about it! YQ is unique as it draws students from across North American BIC churches, helping connect our denominational family, inspiring students to serve others, and to worship and learn in an awesome environment. This year’s YQ is in Washington, DC and we’ll be seeing many of the great things that the US capitol has to offer!

We want as many people to be able to attend YouthQuest as possible, so we’ll be arranging some fundraising efforts once we know who wants to come.

YouthQuest 2014 will be held on Dec. 27-30th in Washington, DC. For more information about YQ, go to YQBIC.com