Tim Day, author and pastor at The Meeting House, describes his book God Enters Stage Left as follows: “… a simple, easy-to-read approach to understanding the meaning of the Bible. It is like The Meaning of the Bible for Dummies.”

This book is a fresh, front row view to an ancient faith. The grand story of the Bible is narrated as a six act play, shining a light on an irreligious plotline that is all too often misunderstood. Spoiler alert: this story may deliver a plot twist that could change your life.

There are several supplemental resources to this book. The book concludes with Tim Day’s simple answers to very common questions people ask about the story of God recorded in the Bible. As well, there are Book Club discussion questions at Tim Day’s website.

Reviews include:

  • Overview of the ever so simple narrative of the Bible. For anyone who has ever seen the Bible as complicated or hard to understand this book is for you.
  • Tim Day has pulled off something really difficult to do in God Enters Stage Left. In less than 70 pages he presents all the epic themes of the Bible in a way that’s accessible and engaging for the ordinary person who’s not into religion.

If you would like a complementary copy, contact Mimi at the Westheights Church office. This would be a wonderful way to introduce God’s story to a friend or loved one, in an accessible and engaging way. This book would also make a great Christmas gift. One copy per person for the first four people who contact Mimi.