Do you have a sweet tooth? Christmas is a time of feasting, and what better to feast on than some fantastic homemade treats! Some of your Sr. High students are ready to help you out! They’ll be traveling to YouthQuest this Christmas holiday in Washington DC, and you can help get them there! This Sunday, December 21st, there will be plates of baked goods for sale in the foyer, All proceeds from the sale will be divided equally among those attending YouthQuest – so come prepared to buy! Why not pick up some up to take to an office Christmas party or family gathering? Or just save it for yourself!

If you love to bake and would like to help us by contributing something to the sale, please email Tom Fenske ( to let him know what you’ll be bringing. Some ideas include:

  • a dozen (or two dozen) cookies
  • a cake
  • a loaf
  • cupcakes
  • muffins

Please be sure to label anything that includes nuts. If you can manage it, try to have your baked offering to the Sr. Highs by 10:15 on Sunday morning.