We always like to try something new at Westheights! This Sunday at Westheights, we’ll be presenting Football Sunday, powered by TheIncrease.org. This video sermon celebrates the increase of Christ and the decrease of self (John 3:30) in the lives of NFL players, who as a group are simultaneously elevated by our culture as heroes and pointed out as villains. We’ll hear from guys on both Super Bowl teams, in interviews not available anywhere else, about who the real hero is: Jesus.

This Football Sunday service creates a unique opportunity to invite people to an intriguing and attractive experience. 82% of people attend church because someone invited them. We see this as a great opportunity to invite your co-workers, neighbours, and friends for an event centered around the pop-culture phenomenon of the Super Bowl. Even if you’re not a football fan, you will be encouraged by the personal testimonies of God’s miraculous work in players’ lives.

Now that the two Super Bowl teams have been decided, video crews are traveling this week to Boston and Seattle to interview guys from each team in preparation for this Sunday’s sermon video which will be simulcast across North America to over 1,200 churches.

Football Sunday is happening this Sunday, so here’s the big question. Who will you invite to experience it?