The goal of the Betty Albrecht Challenge is to raise $120,000 each year for three years. Funds support evangelism, leadership development and compassion work in BIC Kenya and Malawi, and local church planting. With a 1:2 matching grant, the Betty Albrecht Challenge greatly expands our efforts. We invite you as part of BIC Canada to invest in the multiplication of congregations and in our global work. Read more: The deadline for donations is Sunday, May 3.

At Westheights Church, you will find a flyer and envelope to respond to the Betty Albrecht Challenge. You may place your donation in the Westheights offering plate by Sunday, May 3, and we will forward your donation to BIC Canada. Please make your cheque payable to BIC Canada.

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What did we do together through funds given to the Betty Albrecht Challenge?

We started three churches in Canada, and supported the BIC Church in Kenya and Malawi in evangelism, leadership development, micro-finance and food security. This was all possible because of people’s generous giving through the Betty Albrecht Challenge. Every dollar given is matched by two!