Congratulations to our own Tom Fenske who is now, officially, an ordained minister within Brethren in Christ Canada! When asked what that meant, he replied, “I get to carry an extra card in my wallet.”

TomIf you want to know the official definition, keep reading. If not, go straight to congratulating Tom! (

Extracted from BIC Canada and BIC US sources:

Ordination marks the completion of a credentialing process (including relevant post-secondary courses, a theological questionnaire and essay, pastoral profile and testimony), and testifies to equipping for ministry. It reflects the concurrence of the clergy and the body relative to gifts and calling for ministry. Ordination is a time of recognition of God’s gifting and empowerment and of renewed dedication and commitment to ministry. From the viewpoint of the congregation and the denomination, it is a time of thanksgiving and praise for God’s provision of a minister to equip the saints.