I love Jubilee. Never has a worship experience so effectively made our church feel like a family. I love our church social events because the entire family is together. But to have everyone together for a Sunday worship experience is something new. For these five weeks in November, people of all ages are connecting over shared experiences, both at Jubilee and at home. Parents are saying that their children are excited and learning but the parents realize that there is something for them too. That is our dream for Jubilee, that people of all ages could learn together and worship together.

Jubilee is fun. We don’t need church to be fun but something happens when kids are having fun. It breaks down walls that we adults bring with us when we come to church. In this kind of fun and energetic environment something new is expected of us and we need to respond for the sake of the younger ones watching us. Suddenly we have a new freedom and role in the worship and learning of lessons with children and students. I think this helps us to ‘loosen up’ and open ourselves up to God in new ways.

Also, many have commented it is great to be part of the “village.” Seeing everyone together, seeing all of the kids that are part of our church. If you spend all of your time upstairs on a Sunday morning you could easily forget that our church is full of children and students too. That is very exciting, Jubilee is providing many of us with a new perspective on our church.

Truthfully, we are still learning how to do this. It is innovative and new and it is not like we can go and learn from another church. So be patient with us as we plan the program from week to week. Each week we have many meetings to discuss what went well and what needs to be changed and we make the changes.

Only three Sundays left so don’t miss it.

See you Sunday at Jubilee at 9:30am (oh, yeah games begin at 9:15am).