Invitation to Men In Motion’s breakfast on Saturday, January 23, 2016. Men In Motion is a KW-based ministry aimed toward sharing the Good News with men in the K-W area. They reach men through a non-threatening environment of food and fellowship, i.e. men’s breakfasts.

Their next breakfast is on Saturday, January 23, at 8:00 am. Men, invite a friend or family member to Angie’s Kitchen (Erb Street, St Agatha) for a fabulous breakfast, friendly conversation, and to hear guest speaker, Stephen Prendergast, with music by Billy Mintsopoulos.

Stephen Prendergast was raised by a single mother who tried her best to raise him in the church but by his teenage years, he left the church into a world fuelled by drugs and alcohol. Steve’s drug addiction ultimately took him to very dark places, and destroyed his family. He has survived death multiple times and still refused to acknowledge God in any way. He persecuted people of any faith and hated the depths of darkness that his addiction took him to. After 20 years of addictions to drugs and alcohol, Steve was at his lowest when his mother helped him get into the Teen Challenge program. Since coming to God, Steve has traveled the country sharing his testimony in churches prisons and schools all over Canada.

Gerd Warkus

Gerd Warkus

Full breakfast (including tax and gratuity) is only $10. For tickets, either contact Gerd Warkus of Westheights Church, or contact David Illman of Rosebank Church 

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