A little friendly rivalry, especially over food, is always fun. Add a group of friendly people, and you’ve got a delicious blend.

Our chili cook-off is back, due to popular demand. We are looking for chili cooks who are keen to make a pot of your best chili con carne for our friendly competition. Or try something different, for instance vegetarian, chili verde, white chili, smokin’ hot chili, black bean chili, chicken or turkey chili, chili con tuna, or chocolate bacon chili (we dare you!). The competition will be held at our Winterfest on Saturday, January 28.

Chili cookoff

All Winterfest attendees will have a chance to judge the entries, which is when the fun really begins!

So put your culinary skills to the test and bring a crock pot full of your favourite chili to our Winterfest on Saturday, January 28, and let the competition begin!

To register to be a chili cook-off competitor, email Mimi at office@westheights.org.

(Our 2016 chili queen, Melanie Wigg, will relinquish her crown and hand it to this year’s reigning champ. To test out her winning recipe from last year, click here.)