Today my kids and I were talking about parent-kid teaching moments that stick. (And, phew! Apparently there are a few, for them, that did.) One thing we all agreed on was how intentionality matters. They remember when we took the time to frame their views with teach-ahead moments, shared experiences, and no-pressure bedtime or dinner reflection…They liked to mull over what they were learning about the world, and about God. They had lots of big questions too – and as adults, they still do!

That’s why opportunities like Hallowe’en for Hunger have meant so much, as I look back on those formational years. We could talk about things that never came up in daily conversation:
Who uses the Food Bank? (A moment to overcome stigma.)
Why does that happen? (A moment to see brokenness in the world.)
Why does God let that happen? (A moment to understand God’s character.)
What does Jesus say we should do? (A moment to envision their role as co-labourers.)
Why should we do it? (A moment to be compelled by God’s love.)
How should we do it? (A moment to express their Spirit-led passion!)

On Thanksgiving Sunday, our Westheights Kids talked about ways they could give to Jesus – from Matthew 25:35-45. We learned how giving is worship!! Giving away what we don’t want…Well, that just doesn’t seem fitting as an act of worship to Jesus. Jesus said that to give to others is really giving to Him. How exciting to see giving through that lens!

Parents, pray about and discuss together what and how much you can give to our Hallowe’en for Hunger food drive, either in non-perishable food items (a good idea for younger children, so they can grasp the impact) or virtually, as a donated dollar amount. Either way, let your children or youth be a part of the whole process, from prayer to dropoff, and discussion to clicking the ‘donate’ button!! Remind them that you are a family that gives to Jesus by giving to others.

Praying for you, friends – for some great moments to learn, to listen together for God’s direction, to be Jesus-ly generous towards those in need!! Happy Hallowe’en for Hunger!

Pastor Char